Councillor Alex Norris, Portfolio Holder, Community Protection

Alex Norris is the councillor for the Basford Ward, he came to Nottingham from Manchester in 2003 to study. Since then he has worked for a local Member of Parliament, the Labour Party and the Nottingham City Council. He is the Portfolio Holder for Area Working, Cleansing and Community Safety.

 Councillor Alex Norris’ Pledge:

“Thanks for having me today, I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been difficult, it’s been challenging, and I think that is right because we do have difficult challenges ahead of us. We need to be honest with each other, you need to be telling us when we are not hitting the spot, and we need to be prepared to respond to that.

In terms of things to pledge, I’ve already committed that my director in charge of our community protection officers is here now. We will talk to our community protection officers and we will make sure that they are working with you and not against you, and we will make sure that our behaviour is as good as possible.

I’m not just responsible for community protection, I’m also responsible for looking after staff working out in the neighbourhoods. We will make sure – I will make sure – that the message gets out there that we will not deal with stereotypes. You said at the start you do not want to be stereotyped so we will make sure this does not happen. I don’t think it does happen but we will challenge that behaviour if need be.

I’m the councillor for Basford and will work hard to make sure youth divisions hit the right spot, I will keep talking to you about it.”