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To the Power of 10!



In August 2011 disturbances (‘riots’) involving young people in Nottingham made national news. Senior police officers, amongst other crime and community safety personnel were unable to make sense of the events: ‘Assistant Chief Constable Paul Scarrott described them as “gratuitous, senseless and wholly unjustified acts of wanton criminality”. He said: “I cannot understand this explosion of mindless hooliganism and violence which is scarring our city and causing untold damage, not just to property but to the peace of mind of the law-abiding majority. I cannot believe the mentality of those committing this violence and I cannot understand how parents can be allowing their children to participate and spectate”.’ (BBC News)

There were other views relating to the disturbances that needed to be heard and in response to requests from groups of young people, a collective of partner organisations organised an event “To the Power of Ten”. It gathered young people who would not usually get the opportunity to be heard.  They questioned senior decision makers about their part in both influencing and responding to the disturbances. They also put forward young people’s views relating to why the disturbances occurred.

All the publicity materials can be viewed in the following link, including the positive feature produced by BBC East Midlands Today who came to film the whole event:


After more than two years on from the event, young people and stakeholders working with young people are asking if anything has significantly changed for the better for Nottingham’s young people.

We submitted a successful bid to the Big Lottery – Awards for All. The work consisted of:

  • 5 workshops for young people in preparation for the event
  • Further recruitment of young people for the event
  • The event including a live radio broadcast from Loxley House going out to thousands of listeners (we also anticipate strong interest from BBC East Midlands Today)
  • 2 leadership courses for young people

The programme is supported by Dave Walker’s team, Nottingham City Council.

A number of partners are key to the success of the programme, including:

  • Embrace in Community
  • Take 1
  • CRS
  • In2People
  • 97.5 kemet fm
  • One Nottingham

See below for the official 2014 event flyer (click to enlarge):